Consultation Services

IPA provides consultation services for clinicians and organizations.  Consultation can be provided one time, on an as needed basis, or scheduled ongoing for a period of time.  Clients may request consultation for clinical and/or program/business matters.  Consultation can be provided by phone, at the Consultant's location, or the Client's site.

Clinicians can request clinical consultation for specific client cases or for more general topics such as building on interventions/techniques to use with clients, developing professional behaviors, increasing self-awareness, or gaining more complex and integrative assessment and diagnostic skills. Additionally, consultation can be provided related to private practice, documentation, supervision, and other business logistics. 

IPA also provides consultation to organizations for development and implementation of new programs, evaluation of existing programs, and assessment for improvement of services such as clinical assessment, treatment planning, trauma-informed care, and specific policies and procedures. 


If you are interested in consultation services, email Dr. Brewer at kbrewer@ipa-kc.com or go to Contact Us and let us know.

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