We currently offer the continuing education programs listed below.  Programs are regularly scheduled and also scheduled by request.  Go to Register to see training currently scheduled.  If you are interested in a training that is not currently scheduled or if you are interested in a training that is currently full, please Contact Us.  We will also provide individualized training specific to your organization and different training topics upon request.

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Fundamentals & Ethics of Trauma Treatment (6-hr)

Counseling Clients with Chronic Physical Illness / Pain (3-hr)

Learn about Tele-Mental Health and

In-Session uses of technology.


Ethical Use of Technology in Therapy     (3-hr)


DSM-5 Review (6-hr)

DBT for Substance Abuse (6-hr)


Suicide Assessment, Treatment, & Management (3-hr)

 Diagnosing & Treating

Clinical Assessment & Treatment Planning (6-hr)

Diagnosing & Treating

Co-occurring Trauma & Substance Abuse (6-hr)

Yoga Class

Trauma-Informed Yoga for

Mental Health (4-hr)


Diagnosing & Treating

Recognizing & Treating Shame 


Working with Suicidal Clients using Motivational Interviewing (3-hr)

Treating Self Injurious Behavior



Working with Suicidal Clients using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (3-hr)

 Diagnosing & Treating

Understanding BPD: 

Diagnosing & Treating (4-hr)


How to Train Your Brain (1-hr)

Monday, Nov 30, 12:00-1:00pm


This training is full. 

We will plan to offer it again around March 2021.

The following are discounted webinar programs offered during the morning or early afternoon.  Join us with your coffee in the morning or your lunch at the noon hour!    

Each live webinar program below is only $15.00.

Telehealth Basics



DSM-5 Review:

Changes & Overview 




Suicide Assessment



DSM-5 Assessments


Understanding Shame

(1.25-hr )


Validation with

Suicidal Clients 



Diagnosing Substance-

Related Disorders 



Diagnosing Personality Disorders


DBT for Substance Abuse


Motivational Interviewing


 Diagnosing  & Treating

Trauma Assessment & Stabilization


Friday, Dec 4, 8:00-9:15am

Counseling Clients with  Chronic Physical Illness/Pain


Thursday, Dec 17, 12:00-1:15pm


Suicide Updates &

Ethical Considerations


Friday, Jan 15, 8:00-9:15am

Treatment Planning


Thursday, Jan 28, 12:00-1:15pm

Please note:  Many of these shorter webinar programs are either introductions to, or excerpts from, our longer in-person or online training.  

Click each program title for more information including description, learning objectives, and continuing education details.

Each program offered designates the number of contact/clock hours.  Be sure to check with your professional board as they will specify how many CE/CEU hours are equal to one clock hour (e.g., 1 CEU = 50 minutes). 


Our programs typically meet requirements for most national, state, and local licensing boards and professional organizations.  Be sure to keep a copy of the registration form specific to the event you attend or print the event description on this site and submit with your certificate of attendance to your professional board for consideration.  

Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board does not require pre-approval of continuing education programs and does not offer an approval process for most professions.  They will consider continuing education programs that cover content specific to each profession's practice, skills, ethics, and knowledge.  Additional information is provided on their website under each profession, typically in the FAQ sections.


Missouri Division of Professional Registration does not require continuing education providers or programs to be approved prior to the event.  They will accept continuing education that is relevant to each profession (i.e., for professional counselors content must be primarily related to counseling; for psychologists content must be mostly psychological; and so on). Additional information is provided on their website.  

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