Licensure Supervision

Dr. Brewer provides clinical licensure supervision for provisionally licensed professional counselors (PLPCs) in Missouri and licensed professional counselors (LPCs) in Kansas. 

Dr. Brewer's approach to supervision is founded in developmental and educational models of supervision. Attention to the supervisory relationship and supervisory roles are critical to these approaches, requiring her to be intentional, proactive, and flexible. Supervision interventions are tailored to supervisees’ developmental, cognitive, and conceptual levels, as well as the supervisees’ motivation, skills, and personal attributes, while ensuring the needs of the client(s) are met. It is Dr. Brewer's goal to provide a balance of challenge and support based in a collaborative relationship with the supervisee. 


Multiple roles and emphases are employed in supervision. She may use a variety of roles with the supervisee, such as teacher, counselor, or consultant, addressing overall developmental goals in addition to the expressed goals and identified performance issues. Supervision may focus on interventions/techniques to use with clients, case conceptualization, professional behaviors, or the counselor as both a person and change agent. The pervasive goal of supervision is for the supervisee to gain more complex and integrative assessment, conceptualization, and intervention skills. Supervision also includes goals of increased self-awareness and may involve examining personal behaviors, thoughts, or feelings that are elicited by a client. Lastly, supervision involves evaluation, which is conducted initially and ongoing by Dr. Brewer and the supervisee.


Dr. Brewer utilizes live observation and/or audio/video recordings as the predominant modes of reviewing counseling skills for supervision. Additional strategies utilized in supervision may include supervisee self-report, role play, modeling, “thinking aloud”, and interpersonal process recall.  Supervisees will be required to complete self-assessments/self-evaluations, document supervision sessions including post-session reflections, track indirect and direct supervision hours, keep an agenda/list of supervision needs, set and track progress of supervision goals, and actively and openly participate in individual, triadic, and/or group supervision sessions. 


Please Contact Us or email kbrewer@ipa-kc.com to send a message to Dr. Brewer if you have more questions about licensure supervision or would like to schedule an interview.  She does have openings for supervision at this time.    ​

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