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We offer Dynamical Neurofeedback® at IPA because it helps the individual learn to manage a variety of issues and promotes overall wellness.  We use the NeurOptimal® system, developed in 2000, specifically because it allows you and your brain to decide what it needs rather than a protocol or clinician making that decision.  Our goal is to help bring your Central Nervous System back to the present where you can be more effective, flexible, and resilient.  Download these handouts and read below for more information. 


Discover NeurOptimal® 

How often should I do sessions?

We recommend doing Sessions at a frequency that makes the most sense for you.  Some people do 1-2 Sessions per week and others do more or less.  Frequency depends on your schedule, what you can afford, or how quickly you want to see results.  If you are doing Sessions with us, you may be able to do as many as 2-3 Sessions per week.  If you own or rent NeurOptimal®, you can do Sessions daily! 


How many total sessions do I need?

Everyone starts to notice results around a different time because every person, their current brain functioning, and how their brain responds/trains, is different.  When you think about training your brain, think about training or strengthening a muscle.  It takes some time to build the muscle through training and everyone wants that muscle to look and perform a little differently, so people train more or less often and for different periods of time to reach a place where they feel good about their training.  Many find they have reached their goals around Session 20 and others want 40 or more.  We offer packages of 15 and 30 sessions at reduced rates to help you reach your goals.  Some Clients like to continue with maintenance Sessions (like a gym membership) and others stop when they feel more effective, flexible, and resilient.  

Benefits Clients reported...

  • Moving away from self-blame and blaming others

  • Better able to manage their reactions by not over- or under-reacting

  • Regulating their mood and emotions

  • Coping with things better

  • Better able to manage stress

  • Thinking more clearly

  • Being more focused and alert

  • Paying better attention

  • Feeling energized

  • Waking refreshed

  • Being more flexible and resilient overall

  • Feeling more relaxed and calm

  • An enhanced learning capacity

  • An increase in productivity

  • Feeling more creative

  • Faster response times

  • Increased alertness

  • More healthy sleep habits

  • More able to achieve goals

  • Improved relationships

  • A boost in self-esteem and feeling more confident

  • Increased energy

  • Better impulse-control

  • Less feelings of fatigue

  • Less negative impact from "Chemo Brain"

  • Improved general wellbeing and mental fitness

Check out the videos at the bottom of this page that provide more examples of the positive impact of NeurOptimal®.

What does the research say?

Several research studies are available for review discussing the positive effects of NeurOptimal®.  

Learn more about NeurOptimal® research

related to Addictions, ADHD, Alzheimer's,

Anxiety-Depression, Autism, Chemo Brain

(Cancer Therapy), Peak Performance, Post-

Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sleep Disorders,

Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Tinnitus

on NeurOptimal's Research page.

Who can use Dynamical Neurofeedback®?

NeurOptimal® is a non-invasive, safe, and natural way to train your brain.  There are no known side effects.  Because of this, anyone can use NeurOptimal®.  Neurofeedback is designated as a wellness device by the FDA.

How does a NeurOptimal® session look?

You will have three clips on your ears, two small sensors on your head, and be wearing earbuds (optional).  The ear clips and sensors show the cortical activity of your brain.  We will provide you with your own set of new earbuds during your initial session and with rental systems.

You then sit comfortably and relax, and can even close your eyes, while listening to the music.  You may also watch the colorful moving images on the screen.  Some people even fall asleep!  Your brain will do all the work automatically.

You may periodically hear slight interruptions or static in the music.  That is the feedback signaling a shift in your brain.  Not all interruptions can be heard and some are very brief.  Through this feedback, your brain is being exercised and trained.

The brain learns from the “feedback” and over time it understands how to organize itself more efficiently.  When your brain is more organized and efficient, you will notice the results in many ways and overall life may just seem easier. 


There is no person or software deciding what is best for you.  That is up to you and your brain!

A training Session lasts about 33 minutes and the entire Session will be around 45 minutes.  Your initial Session may last closer to one hour.  In the initial Session, and every 10 Sessions, you will be asked to complete an inventory so that we may help you monitor changes.  During each Session, you will be asked a couple check-in questions at the beginning and end of the training. 

Do the results last?

Yes.  Once you reach a point where you feel more effective, flexible, and resilient, you can stop doing Sessions.  Then when 'life happens' you may find it helpful to do a few Sessions again.  But you can stop Sessions at any time and pick back up when it is right for you.

Many people who own or rent NeurOptimal® exercise their brain regularly.  You can run Sessions daily, weekly, monthly, whatever fits for you and your brain.  Sessions can be run while you are working, reading, sleeping, or just relaxing – just not during rigorous activity.  NeurOptimal® is self-care for your brain!


How much does it cost?

You have a few options depending on what fits your schedule and budget, and how quickly you want to see results.  You can schedule Sessions with us, rent a system to use at home, or purchase your own system.  


Neurofeedback Rates:

Initial Session = $125.00 (includes an evaluation and your first training Session; reduced to $85 when you sign up for a package or rent a system during this Session) 

Ongoing Sessions = $95.00 (reduced when you sign up for a package)

Neurofeedback Package Rates:

15 sessions = $1,275.00 ($85 per Session - $150 savings)

30 sessions = $2,250.00 ($75 per Session - $600 savings)

Note:  Packages must be paid up front.  Unused Sessions may be transferred or refunded.  Please note for refunds, the used Sessions will be converted to the full fee of $95 each and a 5% administrative processing fee will be deducted.

Late Cancel Fees (2-24 hours = $30) and No Show/No Cancel Fees (or less than 2 hours = full fee) do apply.

How do I get more sessions and save money?

You can rent a unit to use at home.  This saves you time by not having to come into the office and you can do Sessions more frequently at your convenience.  Another advantage is that you can use the system with other people while you have it at home.  We rent our systems for a 28-day period with unlimited Sessions! 

NeurOptimal® System Rental Rates:

Unlimited Sessions for 28 days = $1,000.00

Note:  You may pick up your system if you are in the Kansas City area and we can do an initial sessions with you at that time to show you how to hook up the sensors and run a session.  We can also ship the system to you, if you are local or anywhere in the United States.  We will pay for shipping to you and you pay for return shipping.  For return shipping you will reuse the box and packaging, insure the package for $3,500, and shipping should be around $55.00.


If you anticipate running numerous Sessions over an extended period or want to share it with multiple people so your friends and family feel better too, you should consider purchasing your own system.  We can guide you through the options and process of getting your own system.  We will also provide you support at no cost after you receive your own system.  Financing is available with rates that may be as low as 0% and terms up to 36 months.

NeurOptimal® System Purchase:

Starting at $5,995.00 (includes a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Tablet and all necessary supplies)

Can I use my health insurance or HSA/FSA for neurofeedback?

Unfortunately, we do not bill insurance because most do not reimburse for neurofeedback in general and NeurOptimal® specifically is not considered a medical treatment (it is designated by the FDA as a wellness device).  You can usually submit an invoice or receipt to a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).  Please check with your benefit directly to confirm eligibility.     

For more questions about NeurOptimal® neurofeedback at IPA, email Dr. Brewer at kbrewer@ipa-kc.com or go to our Contact Us page.  For more information about Dynamical Neurofeedback® go the NeurOptimal® website






















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