Clinical Assessment & Treatment Planning (6-hr CE)

Clinical Assessment & Treatment Planning (6-hr CE)


Successful treatment begins with a clinician's ability to effectively assess a client's situation, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment needs. Once a clinician has obtained information about their client through assessment, a functional treatment plan is necessary to then engage the client in the treatment process. Assessments and treatment plans are not one-size-fits-all and do require individualization and variation based on numerous factors.


Learning Objectives:
Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to...
1. Discuss how to assess appropriate levels of treatment and know when to refer or transfer care
2. Demonstrate ability to conduct initial and ongoing clinical and diagnostic assessments
3. Create achievable, objective, and measurable goals that are individualized for the client
4. Evaluate effectiveness and quality control of a treatment plan


Learning Level: Basic to Intermediate


Target Audience: This training is designed for professional counselors, school counselors, social workers, marital & family therapists, psychologists, addiction counselors, case managers, & other health care professionals.


CE: To obtain the 6 CE hrs for this course, the participant will need to review provided handouts and video(s) then email completed post-test and evaluation to  A certificate of completion will be emailed once a post-test with a minimum score of 70% is received.


The content of this event may meet requirements for most national, state, and local licensing boards and professional organizations.  Be sure to print the event description and submit with your certificate of attendance to your professional board for consideration.  For rules governing continuing education, participants should contact their respective regulatory boards.


For local licensure:

Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board does not require pre-approval of CE programs and does not even offer an approval process for most professions.  They will consider CE programs that cover content specific to each profession's practice, skills, ethics, and knowledge.  Additional information is provided on their website under each profession, typically in the FAQ sections.


Missouri Division of Professional Registration does not require continuing education providers or programs to be approved prior to the event.  They will accept continuing education that is relevant to each profession (i.e. for professional counselors content must be primarily related to counseling, for psychologists content must be mostly psychological, and so on).  Additional information is provided on their website.  

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